The Sketching section of this guide details the functionality of the sketcher and provides tips such as zooming and panning and explains the best process for drawing areas, adding symbols, and more.

To start or modify a sketch in TOTAL or Titan Reports:

  1. First, if you have not already done so, set TOTAL Sketch as your preferred sketcher by clicking Sketch With, and selecting TOTAL Sketch by a la mode from the main toolbar in WinTOTAL's Sketch PowerView or TOTAL's Sketch PowerView.
    Sketches created by third party sketch vendors, like Apex, are saved in a proprietary format that TOTAL Sketch cannot access. If you intend to edit a sketch from a third party vendor, you will need to use their own sketching software to edit and save it.
  2. Create a new sketch or edit an existing sketch as needed.
  3. Once TOTAL Sketch launches, select the sketch mode for your needs from the toolbar at the top. Modes include:
  4. Draw your sketch as usual. As you work your way through the sketch, notice that the GLA and scale is displayed in the information bar at the bottom. Hover over an area in your sketch to view the area calculations for that area. Or click the File Info (  ) button to view detailed sketch information.

  5. When you're finished click File, select Save from the drop‑down menu, and close TOTAL Sketch.