TOTAL Sketch's panels provide quick access to commonly used features within the program. The Sketch Panel includes features such as labels, symbols, and drawing tools. The Properties panel allows you to make quick adjustments or modifications to elements in your sketch on the fly, and the Actions panel allows you to easily perform specific actions within the sketch.

Undock and dock Panels

To undock a Panel, simply click the black title bar and drag it to a new location. Follow the instructions below to dock the panel in a new location, or return it to the original location:

  1. Click the black title bar and drag it to either the left or right edge of TOTAL Sketch.
  2. When you reach the edge of the window, choose where you want to dock the panel. If there are no other panels on this side of the screen, a single placement option appears (  ).

    If other panels are open on this side of the screen, multiple placement options appear:

    • Position your cursor over the left or right placement option to place the panel directly to the left or right of the existing panel.
    • Select the top or bottom placement option to place the panel directly above or below the existing panel.
    • Position your cursor over the middle placement option to switch to a tab view. The tab view expands the panel so that it covers the vertical length of your window. Toggle through each panel by selecting the tabs at the bottom.
  3. Once you have positioned your cursor over your preferred placement option, simply release it to dock it in the new location.

Collapse Panels

To collapse a panel, click the pushpin icon (  ) in the black title bar. To view the panel again, hover over it to expand it. when your cursor leaves the panel or the collapsed title bar, the panel collapses from view again.

To re expand the panel permanently, click the pushpin icon again.

Close or toggle panels on and off

To close a panel, simply click the close icon (  ) in the black title bar, or press the F9 key on your keyboard to toggle the Sketch Panel on and off, press F8 to toggle the Properties panel, or F7 to toggle the Actions panel on or off. Additionally, you can also toggle panels on and off by going to View, Panels, and selecting each panel you want displayed.