Recovering from a computer crash using Titan Drive

This document explains how to back up and recover TOTAL to a computer using Titan Drive.

Document 6524  |  Last updated:  11/04/2021 MJY

At this time, we recommend waiting before you upgrade your machine to Windows 11. We're still testing the environment.

With Titan Drive, you can easily restore your install of TOTAL, even if you lost all of the data from your PC. Follow the instructions below to backup your files and settings, install TOTAL on your new PC, and restore all of your information to your new PC. With the steps below, you'll be back to work in no time.

While Titan Drive can be used to migrate TOTAL to a new PC, the best way to migrate ALL of your TOTAL data is by using the Move TOTAL utility. Click here for instructions on using the Move Utility to move all of your data at once.
  1. Install Titan Drive on the old PC and let it back up your files.
    • Click here for information on installing Titan Drive.
    • Click here for instructions on backing up your appraisal files.
  2. Now, copy the images for your Comps Database and Quickpix database from your old computer to your new PC. Once the images have finished copying, you can safely move on to retrieving the rest of your data via Titan Drive. For instructions on moving your images manually, click here.
  3. On the new PC: Install TOTAL and get updates. After making sure it's completely up to date, close TOTAL.
  4. Configure Setting Backup on your new computer. Click here for instructions on configuring Exact to back up your settings and preferences.
  5. Download appraisal reports and restore your settings and databases from Titan Drive. Click here for directions on restoring settings from Titan Drive. Click here for directions on downloading files from Titan Drive.

Now, start up TOTAL as usual and your new PC should pick up exactly where you left off on your old PC.

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