Upgrading to TOTAL and moving to a new PC

This document explains the process of upgrading from WinTOTAL Aurora to TOTAL on your current computer, and then transferring the data from your current computer to a new PC.

Document 6505  |  Last updated:  08/27/2020 MJY

Now that you have a new computer and you're ready to take advantage of all the features that TOTAL has to offer, the instructions below take you through the process of upgrading from WinTOTAL Aurora to TOTAL and moving your data from your current computer to your new PC.

Server Installations: TOTAL requires a TOTAL Server License in order to install as a network. If you don't already have a TOTAL Server License please click here to learn more or purchase one.

Upgrading to TOTAL

First, you must install TOTAL on your current computer where WinTOTAL is installed, and then run through the Aurora Transition Assistant to copy your files and settings to TOTAL. Be sure both programs have the most recent updates downloaded and installed.

Follow the instructions below to install TOTAL and run the Transition Assistant:

If TOTAL is already installed on your computer, click here for step‑by‑step instructions on using the Aurora Transition assistant.
  1. Click here to log in to your a la mode account.
  2. Enter your a la mode Username and Password, and click Log In. If you're not sure what your a la mode login is, or if you need to reset your password, click here for instructions.
  3. From the left‑hand menu, go to the Download Products section, locate TOTAL in your list of available products, and click Download on the right.

  4. Click Run to begin the download process. When it's finished, click Run again to launch the installation wizard.

  5. Follow the instructions in the installation wizard to complete the installation.

If WinTOTAL Aurora is detected on your machine, you're prompted to run the Aurora Transition Assistant at the end of the installation wizard. Select the Launch Aurora Transition Assistant checkbox, and then click Finish.

Follow the instructions in the Aurora Transition Assistant to transfer your files and settings, or click here for step‑by‑step instructions. During Step 4 of the Aurora Transition Assistant, make sure to Move your Aurora Reports to TOTAL.

Moving to a new PC

Once you've transferred your settings using the Aurora Transition Assistant and your files have been copied over, the upgrade process is complete! Now you're ready to begin moving everything to your new PC. Click here for step‑by‑step instructions on moving TOTAL (with the newly transferred files and settings) from your existing PC to your new computer.

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