Upgrading from WinTOTAL Aurora to TOTAL and moving to a new PC

This document explains how to back up your WinTOTAL Aurora data on an existing computer, transfer the data to a new PC, and then migrate your WinTOTAL Aurora data to TOTAL.

Document 6505  |  Last updated:  01/06/2021 MJY

Now that you have a new computer and you're ready to take advantage of all the features that TOTAL has to offer, the instructions below take you through the process of backing up your Aurora data on your old computer and migrating it to TOTAL on your new PC.

If you're not moving to a new computer, and you just need to upgrade your Aurora Data and transfer it to TOTAL click here for step‑by‑step instructions on upgrading from WinTOTAL Aurora to TOTAL using the Aurora Transition assistant instead.

Before getting started

  • Make sure you've downloaded and installed the latest updates for WinTOTAL Aurora. Click here for instructions on how to check for updates.
  • Make sure TOTAL is installed on the new computer. Click here for instructions on installing TOTAL on a standalone computer.
  • You'll also need to connect a removable storage device (such as an external hard drive, USB drive, or SD card) that has enough storage space to hold all of your reports, photos, and preferences.
    When you launch the Aurora Export Utility and select your storage device in Step 7, the available disk space and required disk space is displayed below the drop‑down menu.

Backing up your Aurora data

Once you've installed the latest WinTOTAL updates, connected your storage device to the old computer, and TOTAL is installed on the new computer, follow the instructions below to run the Aurora Export Utility:

  1. From the computer where WinTOTAL Aurora is installed, press Windows Key + R on your keyboard to launch a Run prompt.


  2. Now, in the Open: field, type TSA and click OK. This launches WinTOTAL's Tech Support Assistant.

  3. Select WinTOTAL Utilities and click Next.

  4. In the list of utilities on the right, double‑click 16. Download a tech file.

  5. In the File Download window, type AuroraExport.exe and click OK.

  6. Once the file is downloaded, click Run.

  7. When the Aurora Export Utility window appears, select the drive letter for your storage device from the drop‑down menu.

  8. Review the amounts of Drive Space Available and Drive Space Required below the drop‑down menu to ensure there's enough space to back up all of your data. Then, click Backup.

    Depending on the number of reports, photos, and other items being backed up, the amount of time it takes to complete the backup varies from a few minutes to a few hours.
  9. Once the backup is complete, click OK on the confirmation message. Then, close the View Downloads window, and close the Tech Support Assistant.

Migrating to TOTAL on your new PC

Now that your WinTOTAL Aurora data is backed up, you’re ready to transfer it to the new computer and migrate it to TOTAL:

  1. Disconnect your storage device from the old computer and plug it in to the new PC.
  2. If the new computer doesn't display the contents of your storage device automatically, press Windows Key + E to open a Windows Explorer window, and browse to the location of your removable storage device that contains your WinTOTAL Aurora data.
  3. Double‑click the AuroraExportData folder to open it. Then, double‑click the Restore Aurora Data file to launch the Aurora Transition Assistant and begin migrating your WinTOTAL Aurora data to TOTAL.

That's it! Simply follow the instructions in the Aurora Transition Assistant to complete the process of moving and upgrading your WinTOTAL Aurora Data to TOTAL on your new computer. Click here for step‑by‑step instructions on using the Aurora Transition Assistant, or click here to see a video of the process.

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