Titan Reports FAQ

This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Titan Reports.

Document 4000  |  Last updated:  07/14/2021 SPB

How much does Titan Reports cost?

Titan Reports Standard is free of charge to all customers who have a Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Elite membership. To calculate pricing options for network users who don't have their own membership, click here.

Can I use Titan Reports on my Mac?

Yes. You can run Titan Reports on MacOS using Safari, Chrome, or Firefox.

What features are available in Titan Reports Standard?

Titan Reports Standard has all the features you need to complete an appraisal report from start to finish. Even though it's not yet intended to replace TOTAL, it still includes file management, SmartMerge, QuickLists, location and InterFlood maps, sketching, addenda, photos, secure signatures, UAD error checking, XML and ENV creation, DataCourier delivery, and more.

To see what else is included in Titan Reports Standard, click here. Note that while the Photos and Addenda PowerViews are unavailable, you're still able to add photos and addenda to your reports as needed.

You can store up to 10 files in Titan Reports. However, you can get unlimited file storage and automatic file synchronization with Titan Drive. Click here to learn more about Titan Drive.

Will Titan Reports be replacing TOTAL?

No. Titan Reports won't be a replacement for TOTAL. As a desktop application, there are still a lot of things TOTAL can do that a browser‑based app can't. We think you'll find Titan Reports convenient for editing reports on the go or for assistants to do basic data entry.

I've heard that Titan Reports is web‑based. What does "web‑based" mean?  Are there system or browser requirements?

As the term implies, web‑based means that Titan Reports is accessed via the Internet using your web browser, and runs from an a la mode web server.  There is nothing to download or install, and all of your work is saved securely online.  Titan Reports works with Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

What if my Internet service is slow or unreliable?  What happens if my session times out or my connection drops while I'm in a report?

Titan Reports is a fully web‑based platform, and therefore requires a stable Internet connection. Even so, if your Internet connection drops while in the middle of a report, your most recent changes are saved. Titan Reports automatically saves in the background any time a map, sketch, or form is added or removed in a report, and it checks for any changes to your work every 10 minutes.

Of course, when you don't have an Internet connection at all, you won't be able to use Titan Reports. Our TOTAL formfiller on the desktop will continue to be the best solution in those situations.

Will I be able to transfer my appraisal files, QuickLists, and other settings to Titan Reports?

In order to store more than 10 files, you'll need Titan Drive, which gives you unlimited file storage.

To sync your QuickLists, signatures, and other settings, simply link your TOTAL user account to your a la mode login. Click here to learn how to link your account.

If you're using WinTOTAL Aurora, you must upgrade to TOTAL to transfer your data to Titan Reports. Click here for more information on upgrading to TOTAL.

For more information about using Titan Reports, click here to access the Titan Reports User's Guide.

Can I use the same fonts in Titan Reports that I use in TOTAL?

Titan Reports is limited to web‑safe fonts so that reports look the same on every device. Unfortunately, there aren't many fonts included on new computers that are available for both Mac and PC.

Since it's a common request, we are continuing to look into options for things like compressed fonts — these font types optimize the amount of data you can include on the form and allow you to add some personal style to your reports.

Is Titan Reports replacing TOTAL for Mobile?

No. TOTAL for Mobile is optimized for data collection, small screens, and working offline. Future functionality for Titan includes file sharing with TOTAL for Mobile. For the best mobile experience, we recommend TOTAL for Mobile. Click here to learn more or download it for free.

Will TOTAL for Mobile work with Titan Reports?

Once Titan Drive integration is built for TOTAL for Mobile, yes. In the meantime, you'll still need to sync your reports with TOTAL once you get back from the field.

Does Titan Reports support third‑party integration and products in the TOTAL Store?

No. At the moment, there is no time frame for when Titan Reports will be open to third‑party integrations.

Do I need Titan Drive if Titan Reports automatically backs up my reports?

Titan Reports only holds 10 reports. To backup and access all your reports from TOTAL, you need Titan Drive. Click here to learn more.

How does Titan Reports work in a network environment or multi‑appraiser office?  Do I need to purchase a network license?

Since Titan Reports is cloud‑based, it doesn't use traditional networking licenses that force you to stay on‑site and connected to a local network. With Titan Reports Standard, an appraisal business will no longer need a local area network in order for appraisers to share files. Titan Drive will make your reports shareable and available from anywhere. For multi‑appraiser offices, additional Titan Drive seats are required. Click here to learn more.

Can my assistant or trainee log in to Titan Reports?

Yes, as long as they have a current a la mode membership. If you also have Titan Drive, sharing data with co‑workers will be automatic — whether you're creating reports on the web or with TOTAL on the desktop.

Should I upgrade my office/computer for Titan Reports Standard?

Since Titan Reports Standard is a companion to TOTAL, we recommend following the same equipment specifications as TOTAL. Click here to view TOTAL's requirements.

Can I use Apex or a third‑party sketcher with Titan Reports?

Apex doesn't currently support online sketching, so we're unable to integrate their sketching program with our online formfiller. You can still enjoy all your other TOTAL Sketch Pro features inside Titan Reports with Titan Sketch. (Pro license required.)

How do I update the company information at the top of my reports?

To update the company name that appears at the top of your reports, hover over the User Settings menu and click Your Company Info. Then, update your company name and click Save.

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