Titan Drive FAQ

This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about Titan Drive.

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What is Titan Drive?

Titan Drive is the key to accessing your files from anywhere. It has everything you love about Vault, along with some more robust features. Think: Secure, unlimited file backups, access to your files and settings from any TOTAL platform, automatic uploads to the cloud from TOTAL, and much more.

How much does Titan Drive cost?

Click here for pricing info, or call our Sales team at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.

If I upgrade to Titan Drive, will I still need to pay for Vault too?

No. Titan Drive is replacing Vault. If you choose to upgrade to Titan Drive from the Vault, any time remaining on your Vault purchase is credited and applied towards your Titan Drive purchase. Then, simply log into www.TitanAppraisal.com to use Titan Drive and access your stored reports.

Why do I need a seat?

Titan Drive is more robust than Vault, and will include collaboration features soon. Just like Dropbox or Google Drive, everyone needs to have their own account and login credentials for sharing purposes. This also makes it fairer across the board for all office sizes. For example, why should a big office with five people pay the same price for Titan Drive as a one‑man shop?

How do I access Titan Drive?

You can access your stored files at www.TitanAppraisal.com. After logging in, click the Reports tab.

Will Exact still be a function of Titan Drive?

Yes. Exact will be a part of Titan Drive. You'll have to install and configure it, just like Vault. However, once that's done, it'll back up all your settings and databases — just like before.

Can I just keep the Vault files I have right now?

Titan Drive has taken Vault's place in our product lineup. For Elite members, Titan Drive will completely replace the Vault. For non‑Elite Vault owners, you'll get Titan Drive added to your account for free for the duration of your Vault contract. Once that period is up, you can buy Titan Drive to keep your files safe, but Vault will no longer be available for purchase.

How will I transition from Vault to Titan Drive?

We'll guide you through the transition one step at a time. We've designed it to be as close as possible to your current Vault experience — but with some major upgrades. Be sure to watch your inbox for more information about using Titan Drive.

How do I know you're not using this new cloud storage to steal my data?

Your Titan EULA clearly outlines that we're not stealing your data. The EULA is a legal agreement, so it would not only be illegal for us to steal your data, but it would also be bad for our business.

Can I get Titan Drive now?

If you're an Elite member or owned Vault, you should already have Titan Drive. Log into www.TitanAppraisal.com to use Titan Drive and access your stored reports. Otherwise, click here for pricing info, or call our sales team at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.

What is the benefit of Titan Drive for network users?

With Titan Drive, everything is available on your secure cloud. And, you'll no longer be tethered to an expensive server infrastructure. You'll simply rely on Titan Drive to connect and support your multi‑appraiser workflow on any device across Titan Reports and TOTAL (and with no additional hardware).

Can I share Titan Drive with other users?

Yes. Titan Drive is a per‑user subscription, and the account owner can purchase seats for other people in their office. Once the account owner purchases seats, they can go to the User Settings area of Titan Reports and grant access to specific users. During the later phases of the rollout, each user will have access to a private area to store files in addition to a Company Reports folder.

How does a la mode guarantee my data is secure in Titan Drive?

When it comes to your data, security is our top priority. As stated in your EULA, only you and your designated staff members have access to the data in the files stored in Titan Drive.

The data you store in Titan Drive is encrypted. That means it's converted into a cipher to prevent unauthorized access. So, your data is concealed — and no one except you and your staff can gain access to it. Additionally, all transmissions occur using secure web-based protocols for added security.

Can I share my contacts and settings with other Titan Drive users?

Yes. Contacts don't automatically sync between Titan Drive users, but you can back up your contacts and settings at any time and share them with other users via Titan Drive's Backup Your Preferences feature. Click here for instructions on how to recover your settings using Titan Drive.

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