TOTAL for Mobile QuickStart Guide

While TOTAL for Mobile is intuitive and easy to use, this document outlines the quickest steps to take to get started.

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TOTAL for Mobile is our innovative field data collection and sketching app. With it, we've combined an appraiser's entire field toolkit, eliminating your need for a clipboard.

While TOTAL for Mobile is intuitive and easy to use, this document outlines the quickest steps to get started.

TOTAL for Mobile is designed for Apple and Android mobile devices. Chrome OS and the Kindle Fire HD are not supported. Additionally, Microsoft Surface products and desktop computers are incompatible.

Download & install TOTAL for Mobile

If you haven't downloaded TOTAL for Mobile yet, now is the perfect time to do so. It syncs with TOTAL, which allows you to start and continue reports in the field, sketch a property while you're on an inspection, snap photos with your device, and so much more. To download TOTAL for Mobile, click (or tap) the button below that corresponds with your mobile device to be taken to the store page, where you can install TOTAL for Mobile just like any other app:

TOTAL for Android
Google Play Store
Apple AppStore

After installing TOTAL for Mobile, simply tap the TOTAL icon on your home screen or in your app drawer to open TOTAL for Mobile.

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Connecting to the cloud

Once you've opened TOTAL for Mobile for the first time, you need to connect it to the cloud. The cloud is what allows you to sync reports between TOTAL and TOTAL for Mobile.

  1. To begin, open TOTAL for Mobile on your mobile device, and press the menu icon (  ) on the upper left. Then, tap Connect to Cloud to view the four‑digit code used to connect your device to the cloud. Leave this code on your screen for the next step of the process.
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    If you're currently connected to another computer, tap Disconnect from Cloud first. Then, press the menu icon (  ) again to choose Connect to Cloud to view the four‑digit code. Click here to learn more about connecting and disconnecting your mobile device.
  2. Now, open TOTAL on your desktop computer.
  3. Click the Dashboard button in the upper right, and then click Configure under the Dashboard's TOTAL for Mobile Sync section.
  4. In the window that opens, choose your Personalized QuickLists (or select the built‑in QuickLists), and click Connect Device.

  5. Finally, enter the four‑digit code displayed on your mobile device, and then click Connect.

File management

The File Manager

The File Manager is TOTAL for Mobile's central management point for organizing and creating report files. This is the screen you see when you first start the application and where you are returned after closing files. Typically, it's easiest to create files in TOTAL desktop, then sync them to TOTAL for Mobile. Starting reports on the desktop allows you to merge templates, or start with an old report. However, you can also create new files from scratch at any time on your device by pressing the plus icon (  ) in the File Manager.

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Downloading from the cloud

If you've already got a report on your desktop that you want to sync to TOTAL for Mobile, you'll have to upload it to the cloud first. Click here for detailed instructions on uploading to the cloud. After you've uploaded a report to the cloud, come back to this page to continue.

Now that you've got a report in the cloud, you have to download it from the cloud to TOTAL for Mobile. With TOTAL for Mobile open to the file manager, tap the refresh icon (  ) in the top right. Now, you should see the report you just sent to the cloud from your desktop. Simply tap the report and choose  Download. You'll see a quick progress bar, which disappears when the report is downloaded.

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After the download has completed, simply tap the report again and select  Open to begin working on the report.

Navigating a report

Once you've got a report synced with your mobile device, it's time to start doing some data entry. To open a report, simply tap the report, then tap  Open.


Once the report loads, you're presented with the Assignment PowerView. This is where you're able to fill out important information about the property, such as the address, contact information, and more.

Tap the icons in the blue menu on the left to toggle between report sections. To expand the icons, tap the menu button (  ) in the upper left.

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After you've entered all of the necessary data into the Assignment PowerView, move on to the Form PowerView. In the Form PowerView, you enter essential data about the subject, neighborhood, site, etc.

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After the Form section is the Comps PowerView. With the Comps PowerView, you're able to add, remove, and edit your comparables. To add a new comp, simply tap the  Add Comp and enter any relevant data.

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If you already have comps in the report, simply tap the comps drop‑down menu at the top, and then press  Add Comp.

In the Photos PowerView, you're able to use your device camera to snap pictures of the subject, as well as your comps. And, the images automatically flow right into the report, on the proper pages, when you sync your device with your desktop. To add a new photo page to your report:

  1. Tap the photo pages drop‑down menu at the top, and press  Add Page.
  2. Select which type of photo page you'd like to use:
    • Common Pages
    • All Photo Pages
    • Photo Pages in Report
  3. Then, choose your desired photo page from the list displayed.

After adding a photo page, just tap on it to open it, and begin snapping pictures!

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Sketching with TOTAL for Mobile is similar to using desktop sketching software, except you have the advantage of being able to touch the screen to control your cursor. Creating detailed sketches is as simple as tapping and swiping with your fingertips. Simply enter your measurements, then swipe and tap to draw exterior and interior draw walls.

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Tap the Structure icon (  ) on the left navigation menu to add new floors, rooms, and other areas to your report.

The Structure PowerView helps you collect your room data and other property information in the same manner that you would if you used your clipboard. Simply enter the same information into TOTAL for Mobile as you go from room to room and detail what you find in each location as it applies to the structure, area, and room.

To add a room in TOTAL for Mobile, simply tap the drop‑down menu at the top. Then, tap  Room, choose what type of room it is, and fill out the data for that room.

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The Checklist PowerView makes it easy to get the important data you need without leaving a single screen. Simply customize the terms you want to include, and you're good to go. Here's how:

  1. From the Checklist PowerView, tap the Edit icon in the upper right corner.
  2. Check or uncheck the fields you want displayed in your list of Critical Items by tapping on them.
  3. To rearrange your list, press Order, and drag the icon next to each item to change the order in which it appears.
  4. When you're finished, tap Done on the upper right.

Uploading to the cloud

When you're finished working on your report and ready to sync it back to your desktop, you first need to save the report. Simply tap the Menu button and choose Save & Close. After saving the report, it's closed and you're returned to the file manager.

Now, you need to upload the report back to the cloud. With TOTAL for Mobile open to the file manager, tap the report you want to upload to the cloud and choose  Upload.

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After uploading your report to the cloud, you're ready to download it back to your desktop. Click here for detailed instructions on downloading from the cloud to your desktop.

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