Prepare Your System

Prepare Your System


Before installing Pocket TOTAL, you must install Microsoft ActiveSync® from the CD that came with your Pocket PC or by downloading it from Microsoft’s website. To get started, make sure you have the following items:

A USB port on your main computer (Most computers have USB ports, but if yours are in use, you may need an additional port or one of the new USB hubs available at most computer stores.)

First, refer to your Pocket PC manufacturer’s manual to correctly identify your connectivity options - some Pocket PCs require a USB cable, while others need a serial cable. If you have the option to use either, we suggest using a USB connection, since it will transfer data at a much higher rate than a serial connection does.

If you must connect via a serial cable, it is possible to increase the connection speed. The default serial connection speed for the Pocket PC out of the box is 57,600, but most PCs can support higher speeds.

To change the serial connection speed, tap Start, Settings, the Connections tab, and then PC. On the drop-down list, select 115200 default. This should significantly increase your data transfer rates.

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