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System Requirements


Pocket TOTAL has been specially designed for the Windows Mobile environment and small computers know as Pocket PC’s – commonly referred to as PPC’s.  Pocket TOTAL is NOT compatible with Handspring devices or the handhelds using the Palm O/S.   Likewise, Pocket TOTAL is not for laptop computers or tablet PC’s – its feature set relies on the portability and extensive capabilities of the Pocket PC environment.


Any common Pocket PC on the market today should meet the minimum system requirements. For best results, when you buy your Pocket PC, ensure that it's indeed labeled as a "Pocket PC," that it's been manufactured by one of the larger well known manufacturers (Dell, Compaq, HP, Toshiba, etc), and that you buy with longevity in mind. For more information on Pocket PC hardware, ask other appraisers online at:

When searching for a handheld, we recommend getting the latest model you can so that the hardware will stay current.

Minimum Requirements:


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