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Brightness Settings

Depending on your handheld device and lighting conditions, you may need to adjust the brightness of the Pocket PCís backlight, so that you can see the screen better while in the field. (Itís best that you adjust these settings while in the field. Note that you will probably need to readjust these settings on days when the lighting conditions in the field vary from sunny to cloudy.)

  1. On your Pocket PC, tap Start, then Settings, and then tap the System tab at the bottom of the window. Your system control panels display.

  2. Tap the Backlight icon, and then tap the Brightness tab at the bottom of the window.
  3. Tap each of the options to test which level of brightness is best for the conditions in the field. Select the optimum brightness level for the lighting conditions you are currently experiencing.
    Note:†The higher you set the brightness level, the more power your Pocket PC uses. Click the power link at the bottom of the Backlight window in order to adjust your power settings.
  4. When you have selected the proper backlight and power settings, tap OK to close the control panel window. Keep tapping OK or X until you reach the Pocket PC desktop.