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Synchronization Software


In order to connect your pocket device with your computer, you must first install one of Microsoft's synchronization programs. For most users this is Microsoft ActiveSync, but if you're using Windows Vista, you need to install Windows Mobile Device Center as ActiveSync is not support on Vista. In order to install ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center, you must first close all other open applications on your main computer.

  1. After closing all active applications on your main computer, insert the Pocket PC Companion CD into your main computer’s CD drive or visit Microsoft’s website, download the latest version of ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center they have available, and run the installation.
  2. Follow the instructions on the screen to install the software.
  3. Locate the Pocket PC cradle, and insert the AC adapter plug into the DC jack on the back of the cradle.
  4. Attach either the USB or serial cable to your main computer.
  5. Slide the bottom of your Pocket PC into the cradle and push firmly. The ActiveSync/Windows Mobile Device Center installation should resume.
  6. Select the information to synchronize with your Pocket PC. This information automatically synchronizes when the installation is complete.
  7. Leave the Pocket PC in the cradle until the battery is charged. (Refer to the manufacturer’s manual for the optimum charging time for your Pocket PC.)

Once the synchronization software is installed, you can easily install and manage Pocket TOTAL through your desktop computer.