There are a few configurations options for UAD Reader, and you can change them by clicking Tools, Settings. There are 3 sections here:


By default, UAD Reader opens displaying the PDF that's embedded in the MISMO XML file. If you prefer, you can change it here to view the XML or the UARR Results when UAD Reader starts up.

User Type

When you installed UAD Reader, you were prompted to choose your profession. If you need to make changes, you have three options here:

Your selection will determine the tools that are available, and you can learn more by clicking any of the user types above.

Default XML Reader

During installation, you had the option to make UAD Reader the default application for all MISMO XML files. If you didn't, and you'd like to associate all MISMO XML files with UAD Reader, click Make Default here.


When you're finished with your changes, click OK.


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