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Since you told UAD Reader that you're a lender or AMC, it is configured to give you tools that will be most useful for your role in the industry. If you'd like to use tools that are specific to an appraiser or another type of user, click here for information on enabling those tools.

Click here for a short video overview of UAD Reader.

As a lender or AMC, UAD Reader gives you an easy way to make sense of your appraisals, verify that the content in the XML file is what you expect, and even run a UAD compliance check on the report before you deliver to the GSEs.  You'll save time and money by error-checking before submission to UCDP.

There are a couple of things you can do with the report:

Coming soon, you'll be able to securely deliver the report to the borrower in compliance with GLB and DFA rules. You'll also be able to request a revision directly from the appraiser - which will come in handy if the UARR Results shows any errors in the report. Importantly, you'll also be able to submit the appraisal directly to the GSEs' UCDP. These features are available because UAD Reader is powered by Mercury Network. In fact, if you have a Mercury Network account, UAD Reader gives you an easy way to log in. Just click the My Account button in the upper-right of the window.

If you don't have a Mercury Network account, click here to start one now - completely free. Mercury Network is the premiere Vendor Management Platform, or VMP.  Mercury allows lenders and AMCs (appraisal management companies) to manage their entire appraisal process from a cloud-based platform in full compliance with the GSEs' UMDP, appraisal independence standards, and banking security regulations.  Since we're also the nation's leading appraisal software provider, Mercury Network gives you features other appraisal management solutions can't deliver. Learn more at

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