General Use

General Use


Opening Files

When you installed UAD Reader, you were prompted to choose whether MISMO XML files should be associated with UAD Reader. If you chose to do so, you can open MISMO XML files simply by double-clicking them on your PC or an email (if your mail client supports it.) If you did not choose to associate MISMO XML files with UAD Reader, you can click File, Open to open those files manually.

Adjusting Your View

In any view, you can zoom in and out on the form view. To do so, you can click View, Zoom In or Zoom Out. You can also use the zoom buttons on the toolbar. If you prefer shortcuts, you can press CTRL+ or CTRL- to keep your hands on the keyboard.

Getting Updates

UAD Reader will automatically check for updates on occasion, but you can manually check for updates at any time. Just click Help, Check for Updates.

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