Recovering a Report in TOTAL

This document explains how to restore a backup copy of a TOTAL report

Document 6579  |  Last updated:  03/15/2017 JH9

In rare instances, a TOTAL report can become corrupted.  This is usually indicated by an error message that appears when you attempt to open the report.  File corruption is not limited to TOTAL reports and can occur with any file in any program.  Some of the most common causes of corruption in TOTAL reports include:

Power Outages
Loss of power due to severe weather or unexpected computer shutdowns while the report is open or saving can cause the data in the report to become unreadable to TOTAL — making the report inaccessible.
Failing Hard Drive
In many cases when a hard drive is dying, it doesn't catastrophically fail all at once.  Instead, it slowly deteriorates — taking chunks of saved data with it.
Corrupt Operating System Settings
When TOTAL opens and closes a report, it uses Microsoft operations.  If the Microsoft settings that govern these operations have changed, become corrupt, or become invalid, it affects TOTAL's ability to open or close reports.  If this is the cause, you'll see multiple reports generate error messages when you attempt to open them.
Third‑Party Interference
Other programs on your computer, including security software, can interfere with TOTAL's ability to save or open a report.  They can restrict access to reports, delete reports, cause reports to save incorrectly, or cause them to not save at all.  Click here for instructions on configuring security software to ignore your a la mode software.

If you receive an error message when attempting to open a report and the report won't open, or if a report is missing from your Appraisal Desktop, try recovering the report.  Follow the steps below to recover a backup copy of your report:

In cases where a report opens but needs to be recovered, try using the Timeline first.  Click here for more information on TOTAL's Timeline feature.
  1. From TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop, click Help and select Tech Support Assistant from the drop‑down menu.

  2. When the Tech Support Assistant opens, go to the Additional Tools tab and double‑click 11. Advanced recovery utility.

  3. In the Advanced Recovery window, there are two types of recoverable files (displayed in the Recoverable Type column):
    Open report directory
    This file type is a temporary working directory.  It stores a copy of the report that has unsaved changes.  In most cases this type of recoverable file has most of your changes — even if you weren't able to save all of them.
    Backup report file
    This recoverable file type is a copy of the most recently saved report.  These files are useful if the appraisal is missing entirely.
  4. Select the recoverable file you want to restore, and click Recover on the lower right.

  5. When it's finished, a message appears stating that the report was successfully recovered.  Click Yes to open the report.

    Restored reports are saved to the Recovered Reports folder in the My Reports folder in TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop.

That's it!  Review the recovered report to ensure your data is there.  If not, try restoring another recoverable file, or call technical support at 800‑211‑4511.

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