Frequently asked questions about TOTAL after upgrading from WinTOTAL Aurora

This document answers some of the most common question we hear from customers after upgrading from WinTOTAL Aurora to TOTAL.

Document 6034  |  Last updated:  02/06/2020 MJY

How do I start a new report? Can I clone or merge reports?

To start a new report from TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop, click New on the upper left, enter a Report Description, choose how you want to start the new report, and click OK. Click here for step‑by‑step instructions on creating a new report.

Merging a report in TOTAL is very similar to the way you merged reports in WinTOTAL Aurora. With a report open, simply click Merge in the toolbar at the top, choose your merge options, select the report that contains the data you want to merge, and click Merge. You can also choose to start a new report from the merge screen when creating a new report. Click here for more information about merging reports in TOTAL

The option to clone a report is no longer available in TOTAL. We realize that many appraisers are accustomed to using WinTOTAL's cloning feature to copy an entire report, or save a report with a different file name for a revision or final inspection. SmartMerge is TOTAL's answer to Aurora's "clone" function. Using SmartMerge, you still have the ability to copy an entire report, while avoiding confusion with duplicate files. Click here for instructions using SmartMerge to "clone" a report.

Where is the Images PowerView and Image Database? Can I use QuickPix?

In TOTAL, the Images PowerView is now called the Photos PowerView. When you're in a report, simply click Photos at the top of your screen to access it. From here, you can quickly view, retrieve, store, label, group, and place your photos in your report. This is made especially easy with TOTAL's new AutoBrowse feature and the new and improved QuickPix Database.

Click here to learn more about the Photos PowerView, or click here for instructions on using the QuickPix Importer.

Do I need to learn a new sketch program?

WinTOTAL Aurora and TOTAL both use TOTAL Sketch as the default sketching program. So, if you were using TOTAL Sketch previously, it's exactly the same in TOTAL. If you were using a 3rd‑party sketcher such as Apex, click here for instructions on how to adjust your sketch settings and authorize integration through TOTAL's configuration settings.

Where is the E&O check?

E&O has its own dedicated PowerView in TOTAL. Simply click the E&O PowerView tab at the top when you're in a report. Click here for more information about the E&O PowerView.

How do I set up a signature in TOTAL?

The Aurora Transition Assistant moves your user and signature to TOTAL automatically. But, if you manually moved your files and settings, or you want to create a new signature, you can set it up in TOTAL in just a few steps.

To configure your signature, the first thing you need to do is create an image of your signature if you don't have one already. The easiest way to do this is to use a scanner. Once you have your signature image, click the User Profile Menu (  ) on the upper right of TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop and select Edit Signature and License. Then, Edit an existing license or Add a new one, and click Add Signature to browse and select your signature image.

Click here for step‑by‑step instructions on creating, configuring, and adjusting your signature.

Should I save new reports in the My Reports folder or the Shared Reports folder?

It depends on whether you're using TOTAL on a standalone computer, or you're working in a network environment with TOTAL installed on a server and connected workstations — such as an office network where you're sharing files with coworkers.

if you're using TOTAL on a standalone computer, most users choose the My Reports folder. But, you can choose either folder. It has no bearing on the report itself — other that the location in which it's stored. You'll just want to remember which folder you chose so that you know where to find it later.

If you're using TOTAL in a network environment, you can choose either folder — but the folder you choose determines who is able to access the report. The My Reports folder stores the reports on your local computer and acts as a sort of "private" folder. Reports stored in the My Reports folder cannot be accessed in TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop by any other computer connected to the network. The Shared Reports folder is the opposite of My Reports. Any files that are stored in the Shared Reports folder can be viewed and accessed from any other computer on the network. It's intended to allow you to share a report with everyone else on the network.

How do I connect TOTAL for Mobile with TOTAL.

To connect TOTAL for Mobile with TOTAL on your desktop computer, you'll need to install and configure TOTAL for Mobile Sync via the TOTAL Dashboard. Click here for instructions.

How do I access Mercury Network orders in TOTAL?

To access a Mercury Network order in TOTAL, you'll need to export the order from TOTAL Connect. Click here for instructions.

If you're new to TOTAL Connect, it's automatically installed when you install TOTAL. TOTAL Connect allows you to easily manage orders, apply internal status updates, and gives you access to all your delivery plugins. If you haven't set it up to access your Mercury Network orders, you'll need to do that before you can export an order. Click here for instructions on configuring the Login Manager in TOTAL Connect to link it with your Mercury Network account.

What is the difference between TOTAL and TOTAL Connect?

TOTAL is your formfilling software and is the successor to the WinTOTAL Aurora formfilling software you used previously.

TOTAL Connect is the software used for managing orders and delivering reports. TOTAL Connect allows you to easily manage orders, apply internal status updates, and gives you access to all your delivery plugins.

Does TOTAL include multi‑monitor features?

Yes! TOTAL was designed specifically with multiple monitors in mind. Click here to learn more about working with multiple monitors, or click here for more information about undocking PowerViews in TOTAL — just one of the new multi‑monitor features in TOTAL.

I'm trying to open a report but I get a message that says I need to move the report to a TOTAL folder. What does that mean and why am I seeing this message?

When you run the Aurora Transition Assistant (ATA), it automatically creates an attached directory that allows you to move files back and forth between TOTAL and WinTOTAL Aurora. To prevent duplicate files, TOTAL restricts the ability to open reports from the attached directory that was created by the ATA. If you want to open a file that is stored in that attached directory, you must use the Move/Copy function in TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop and move it to one of the folders in TOTAL's Appraisal Desktop. Click here for instructions.

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