Benefits of signing reports securely

This document outlines some of the benefits offered by signing a report securely with eSign.

Document 1013  |  Last updated:  01/29/2018 MJY

Signing appraisals is something you've done hundreds or thousands of times. It's a vital step in the report process — it officially states that all of your work is accurate and truthful. By extension, your signature is inevitably tied to your reputation. That's why it's so important to secure it.

In today's world of cyber attacks and fraud, it's impossible to create an iron‑clad PDF file. Still, there are steps you can take to protect yourself. Among these is the ability to sign your report securely with eSign.

  • eSign takes you through a one‑time identity verification process the first time it's set up.
  • eSign applies a unique digital marker attached to your e‑signature. Every time you sign a report, eSign attaches the unique serial number.
  • Anyone can verify a report's serial number on our secure website From here, you or your lender can compare a report against the original.
Signing securely generates a PDF of your report which is stamped with your serial number. It goes directly into your Workfile, where you can double‑click the PDF to view it, or drag‑and‑drop to a location on your computer as needed (such as your Windows desktop).

Using eSign secure signing demonstrates you've exercised due care in protecting yourself from identity theft or unauthorized signature use. Of course, all of these features are most effective when paired with good signing habits required by USPAP. To see the current USPAP guidelines, click here.

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