Using Dockable PowerViews, and Panels in TOTAL.

Using Dockable PowerViews, Panels, and Panes in TOTAL

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To improve your efficiency, TOTAL uses several PowerViews, some of which can be broken away from the main screen to view them on multiple monitors. Many of the panels within these PowerViews are also collapsible, allowing you to further customize your workspace. Instead of going back and forth between multiple screens, you get all of your information, right at your fingertips.


TOTAL has several PowerViews that can be broken away, or "undocked", from the main window for use in multiple‑monitor systems. Undocking allows you to view a PowerView's contents while working in another area of your report. The following PowerViews can be undocked:

  • Photos
  • Sketch
  • Addenda
  • Worksheet
  • E&O
  • Workfile
  • Notes

To undock a PowerView, click the arrow to the right of the PowerView name.

Dock Icon

This launches the PowerView in a separate window in front of TOTAL. Click and drag the undocked PowerView to another area of your desktop. Multiple PowerViews can be undocked and arranged simultaneously. When a PowerView is undocked, the tab turns black with a white outline. To dock the PowerView again, click the Dock button in the upper left of the undocked window.

After closing the report, any undocked windows close automatically. The next time you open a report, the PowerViews will be in the docked position. Clicking the "undock" arrow on the PowerView tab again restores it to the last known position.

For Single Monitor Systems

While PowerViews may be undocked on single‑monitor systems, they're always in front of the main TOTAL window. The undocked PowerViews need to be arranged so that the main TOTAL window is visible. A wide‑screen monitor generally provides you with a large enough area to view both of these windows.

In some circumstances, Windows may update the screen resolution while TOTAL is closed. This may hide the undocked PowerView by opening it off screen. You can always bring the undocked PowerView back to the main screen by clicking View from the toolbar in the upper left, then click Window and select the PowerView you want to move. Then, press and hold the Windows key on your keyboard and the left or right arrow (depending on the way the window needs to move).


TOTAL's collapsible panels expand upon features in previous versions of TOTAL. Several of the PowerViews in TOTAL contain panels. These can be minimized for further customization of your workspace. To collapse panels in TOTAL, click any panel title bar that has a white triangle.

Open Panel

To expand the panel again, click the collapsed title bar.

Open Panel

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