Verifying a secure signature

This document explains how to verify the integrity of a TOTAL report that was signed securely with eSign by validating the signature, and comparing the data against the salient data from the original report stored on our secure servers.

Document 6057  |  Last updated:  09/07/2017 MJY

When a TOTAL report is signed Securely with eSign, the signature can be validated by anyone who reads it. This ensures that the report contains all of the original data and that no tampering has occurred. To validate a secure signature:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter the serial number (A) and the signer name (B) found on the signature, and click Verify.

    Signature and eSign seal

  3. If the signature is valid, you're presented with salient data from the report which you can compare to ensure that there are no inconsistencies. If there are any, you'll immediately know that this report does not contain the data that the appraiser originally entered and that tampering may have occurred.

The information is stored on our secure servers indefinitely, and is accessible anywhere there's an Internet connection. Put simply:  It's the strongest document security available anywhere, and it's tailored to fit easily into the appraisal process.

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