Manually moving TOTAL data to another computer

This document explains how to manually move TOTAL data to another computer without the use of Titan Drive.

Document 5112  |  Last updated: 09/01/2021 SPB

The steps below outline how to move your TOTAL from a computer without the use of Titan Drive or the TOTAL Move tool. Click here for more information on moving your data using Titan Drive or by using the TOTAL Move Tool.

Due to the complexity involved in manually migrating TOTAL data without using the Move tool or using the Titan Drive, our support technicians are unable to assist you with this process. If you are uncomfortable with the process described or you don't feel confident that you can complete it, consult a local technician for assistance.

In order to move files from one computer to another, they need to be copied to a removable storage device (thumb drive, external hard drive, etc). Copy the entire [My] Reports, [Shared] Reports, WinTOTAL, and Database folders from their location on the old machine and paste them on a removable storage device before beginning. If you're unsure how to do this, please contact a local technician for additional assistance. The default folder locations are:

  • WinTOTAL
    • Standalone - C:\ProgramData\alamode\WinTOTAL
    • Server - C:\Users\Public\Documents\a la mode\Data\WinTOTAL
  • Database
    • Standalone - C:\users\[username]\documents\a la mode\Database
    • Server - C:\ProgramData\alamode\WinTOTAL\Spectrum\Database
  • [My] Reports
    • C:\Users\[yourusername]\My Documents\a la mode\Reports
  • [Shared] Reports
    • C:\Users\Public\Public Documents\a la mode\Reports
  1. Install and register TOTAL on the new computer. For instructions on installing and registering TOTAL, click here.
  2. Close TOTAL, press Windows key + E to open Windows Explorer, and navigate to the removable media that your files are stored on.

  3. Copy the entire [My] Reports folder by right‑clicking it and selecting Copy.

  4. Press Windows key + R to open the Run dialogue box.
  5. Type (or copy and paste) %tsa6% into the Open: field and press Enter or click OK.

  6. Select the Common Paths tab on the upper left.

  7. Click Open to the right of the My Reports path.

  8. Right‑click a blank area in the window that appears and click Paste.

  9. Click Yes to overwrite (or merge) the folder and files if prompted.

    Depending on the number of files you have, transferring them to a new computer can take some time. Keep in mind: your computer is making a copy of every report file that was in the Reports folder on your old computer. For best results, let your computer finish copying the files before continuing.
  10. Repeat Step 2 through 10 for the [Shared] Reports folder.
  11. Repeat Step 2 through 6 for the WinTOTAL folder.
  12. Click Open to the right of the Data Files path.

  13. Repeat Step 8 and 9 for the WinTOTAL folder.
  14. Repeat Step 2 through 4 for the Database folder.
  15. Type either (or copy and paste) C:\Users\[username]\Documents\a la mode (standalone install) or C:\ProgramData\a la mode\WinTOTAL\Spectrum (server install) into the Open: field and press Enter or click OK.

  16. Repeat Step 8 and 9 for the Database folder.

That's it! You've recovered most of your data to TOTAL on your new computer. To learn more about how Titan Drive prevents data loss and allows for seamless recovery after a computer failure, click here.

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