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Install WinTOTAL

  Note: WinTOTAL is not compatible with Windows 10 or Windows Server 2016.  Click here to view our operating system requirements.  

The first step, of course, is to install WinTOTAL.  Here's how:

Install from the Internet
  1. First, you need to download the latest WinTOTAL installation file from our website. To do so, visit the Download Products section of your account at  Just log in with your a la mode username and password.
  2. Once the file download is complete, run the installation file, provide a preferred temporary directory for WinTOTAL to place its installation files and then click Install.
      Note: Unless you have a specific reason to change the temporary directory, we recommend that you leave the temporary directory as the default value.  
  3. An installer will appear and prompt you about what you want to do, click Install WinTOTAL.  Then, follow through the installation wizard.  If the wizard prompts you about whether you want to install Microsoft's SQL Database engine, click Yes.
  4. Along the way, you�ll need to agree to our End User License Agreement and you may need to supply WinTOTAL with your preferred installation directory.
  5. When the installation is finished, start WinTOTAL via your Start menu.
Install WinTOTAL on a Network

When you've got multiple computers in your office, using WinTOTAL on a network benefits you by centralizing your data as well as program updates and administration while also allowing each user to have custom preferences and permissions to crucial data.

The latest version of WinTOTAL, Aurora, goes even further for network users by implementing Microsoft SQL databases for faster and more reliable searches and file listings.  Instead of requiring workstations to open large database files across the network - as was necessary with the older Access-based system - SQL enables the server to search through comps, images, the file cabinet, and more on its own hard drive and simply return the results to the workstation.

If you want to install WinTOTAL on an office network so that you can share your WinTOTAL setup with everyone in the office, see our WinTOTAL Networking Guide for specific steps on this process.

  Note: Aurora is not designed nor tested for use with Microsoft's Remote Desktop (Terminal Services). As a result, we don't support installing Aurora in a Remote Desktop environment, and our Support Technicians are unable to troubleshoot any potential problems.  
Install WinTOTAL on a Laptop

Installing WinTOTAL on a laptop can be a great way for you to make WinTOTAL for Mobile but also bring your data back into the office to work on a dedicated computer or network.  If you intend to use your laptop while on the go, but use a dedicated workstation otherwise, you should install WinTOTAL on your laptop first.  Then, you'll need to perform some additional setup to ensure that your laptop and your dedicated office workstation or network can talk to each other.  For detailed steps on this process, see Tech Doc 5080.