QuickSource FAQ

This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding QuickSource in TOTAL.

Document 3300  |  Last updated:  05/03/2024 MJY

What is QuickSource?

QuickSource is your one‑stop solution for easily importing, comparing, and managing data from multiple, credible sources. With instant data comparison of self, peer, and external data sources, all on one screen, QuickSource helps you improve accuracy and avoid discrepancies in every report.

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How do I turn QuickSource on or off?

After purchasing QuickSource you can enable or disable it by simply clicking the QuickSource View toggle on the upper right of the Appraisal Desktop or an open report.

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Keep in mind that if you disable QuickSource and continue to use SmartExchange, you're charged 99¢ per report when SmartExchange comp data is used.

When is QuickSource available?

QuickSource is currently available to all our US appraiser customers. To purchase, visit https://totalstore.alamode.com/product/quicksource.

How long is the free period of QuickSource?

The free‑time for QuickSource has ended. You can purchase it at https://totalstore.alamode.com/product/quicksource.

How much does QuickSource cost?

Click here for pricing info, or call our Sales team at 1‑800‑ALAMODE.

What data sources does QuickSource use to provide the data?

QuickSource gives you access to Public Records, your local Comps Database, unlimited Peer Comps from SmartExchange, and the ability to import from any MLS in the United States.

Where does QuickSource get public records data?

The Public Record data in QuickSource is curated directly from assessor offices around the country.

Do I have to opt in to SmartExchange to use QuickSource?

To use unlimited peer comps, you're asked to opt in to SmartExchange. However, you can still enable and use QuickSource without opting in to SmartExchange. You just won't have access to the unlimited peer comp data.

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Can I use my local MLS data with QuickSource?

QuickSource supports any MLS in the United States. You can create a custom mapping for your MLS, or choose from a list of MLSs that are already mapped for you. Click here to see the current list of mapped MLSs.

We have worked with a number of MLS already to make the export process even easier to use with QuickSource. Click here for a helpful guide on how which MLS providers already have an existing export template and how to customize your own existing export template.

Can I customize my MLS Mappings? How can I share my MLS Mappings?

Yes, you can customize your MLS Mappings. Click here to learn more.

To share your mapping with others, once you've uploaded your MLS file, click Customize on the lower right. Then, select the mapping you want to use from the list of Appraiser‑Defined Maps on the left.

Can other users see when I make changes to my custom MLS mapping?

Yes, if the users are on the same account. Users under the same account are automatically subscribed to updates. To turn this feature off, toggle the switch next to Subscribe.

Keep in mind that only the admin can make changes to the mapping to ensure integrity and consistency.

Otherwise, when you select another user's mapping, it creates a copy so that you can customize it without changing the original.

How do I launch QuickSource?

There are several ways to launch QuickSource. The easiest is to click the QuickSource button in the toolbar of the Side‑by‑Side PowerView. Or, simply select QuickSource from the Data menu on the upper left.

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What forms can I use with QuickSource? What if my form isn't supported?

QuickSource is compatible with the following forms:

Form Name
Form Number
(UAD and non‑UAD)
Exterior‑Only Condo
(UAD and non‑UAD)
(UAD and non‑UAD)
GP Commercial
(All versions)
GP Consumer [No Signature]
GP Consumer [Signature]
GP Residential
(All versions)
GP Restricted
(All versions)
Manufactured Home
One‑Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report
Small Residential Income Property Appraisal Report
Two-to-Four-Unit Residential Appraisal Field Review Report
(UAD and non‑UAD)

If the form you're using isn't currently supported by QuickSource, you're prompted to use SmartAddress to access your local Comps Database and Versions.

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We're working on mapping additional forms to make them available soon.

Can I use QuickSource with Rentals or Listings?

Not directly, but you can add the listing/rental property information to a comparable page so that QuickSource sees it and then after using QuickSource, use the Fill Out Column tool to copy that property information to a Listing/Rental page.

What if I need to change the data returned by QuickSource?

You're able to edit any data you choose in TOTAL, just like normal. You're also able to customize the data within the Data Discrepancy View in QuickSource. Click here for instructions.

Can I use multiple MLS sources?

Yes, we have a workflow that allows you to import from multiple MLS sources. Click here to learn how.

I use the MLS Text File Import Tool. Is that going away?

The MLS Text File Import Tool is no longer supported. It was released nearly 10 years ago and has seen little in the way of updates or improvements since then. QuickSource is a powerful, new tool that improves the MLS Import process, and significantly reduces the amount of time and hassle involved with importing MLS data.

Is SmartExchange free in TOTAL?

Unlimited Peer Comps with SmartExchange are included with QuickSource. To take advantage of the free peer data, QuickSource must be enabled, and SmartExchange must be used within QuickSource. If you disable QuickSource and/or use SmartExchange comps in TOTAL outside of the QuickSource interface, you'll be charged for each transaction as usual.

Can I save the QuickSource data to my Workfile?

QuickSource provides a Fact Sheet that includes all the available data that was automatically retrieved, manually entered, and/or imported from your MLS — along with the data sources you selected. To access the Fact Sheet, click View Fact Sheet on the upper left of the Data Discrepancy View.

The Fact Sheet is also added to your Workfile automatically when you click Save & Close and transfer the data from the Data Discrepancy View to your report.

Click here to see an example of the Fact Sheet.

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How do I choose and prioritize my default data sources?

To customize the order in which data sources are used when transferring data to the field in your report, click the corresponding cell in the Data Preference Settings column to the right of that field.

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Why aren't all of my comps transferring to my report?

Each comparable is a separate tab within the Data Discrepancy View. Comps that have been reviewed display a green check mark (  ) next to the comp number, while comps that haven't been reviewed display a red warning symbol (  ).

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If there are any comps that haven't been reviewed when you click Save & Close, a prompt is displayed to let you know which comparables weren't reviewed and aren't transferring to your report. Click Continue to proceed and transfer only the comps that were reviewed. Or, click Cancel to return to the Data Discrepancy View and review the additional comparables.

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How do I see discrepancies?

Click the QuickSource button in the toolbar of the Side‑by‑Side PowerView to launch the QuickSource Data Discrepancy View. From here, you're able to pick and choose data for each field using any of the available data sources.

To see only the data that differs between those data sources, check the box next to Only show data discrepancies on the upper right. Click here for more information and detailed instructions on using the Data Discrepancy View.

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Does QuickSource work with Titan Reports?

QuickSource was developed in a way that it can be updated and released for multiple platforms, but QuickSource is currently only available in TOTAL

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