How to export data from your MLS for use with QuickSource and Titan Analytics

This document provides instructions for creating a custom export template and using the export template to export data from your MLS for use in a la mode products

Document 3003  |  Last updated: 03/04/2021 MJY

To import MLS property data into QuickSource or Titan Analytics, the first thing you need to do is set up an export template on your MLS website. This is a one‑time process — once you create your template, all you need to do is simply choose your custom template from a list, export your data and save it to a convenient location on your computer, and import it into your a la mode software.

Select your MLS from the drop‑down menu below to view step‑by‑step instructions on creating your custom template and then using the template to export your data:

Select your MLS:

You can also begin typing the name of your MLS Board in the drop‑down menu above to quickly filter the list of results. Once you've found your MLS Board, select it to view detailed instructions.

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