Titan Analytics FAQ

This document provides a quick overview to answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Titan Analytics.

Document 3001  |  Last updated:  08/10/2022 MJY

Which Multiple Listing Services are supported by Titan Analytics?

Titan Analytics works with any MLS that lets you export data.

Can you help me export my MLS data?

Yes. Click here for detailed export instructions to make the process quick and easy.

Does Titan Analytics have a demo?

There's not a free trial of Titan Analytics. But your purchase is backed by our 100‑day, money‑back guarantee, so you have plenty of time to try it out and see how you like it!

How do I purchase Titan Analytics?

Buy it today for just $199 for an entire year — click here to get started. We offer a full refund in your first 100 days if you don't love it.

How much data can I import into Titan Analytics?

You can import as much data as you want, from any length of time. That way, you can use charts and graphs to show trends in your market without limiting yourself to the 12 months covered by the 1004MC.

Why doesn't the "Median Sale Price as % of List Price" auto‑calculate?

Per Fannie Mae, that ratio cannot be calculated from numbers entered into the form. Since the Median Comparable Sale Price may include Pending, but not Settled sales (as supplied by many MLS websites), it cannot be used to calculate the Sale and List %, which must be derived from Closed Settled sales.

I include pending properties in analysis. Does Titan Analytics allow me to do that?

Yes. You can customize thresholds for determining an increasing or decreasing trend, and how pending properties are treated in the 1004MC calculations.

Do I have control over the data once it's been imported?

Yes. With Titan Analytics' automatic map and data grid, it's easy to spot and edit individual properties that don't fit, based on location, lot size, GLA, status, etc.

Why are the DOM figures different between Titan Analytics and what I've used previously?

Due to variations in MLS data, Titan Analytics defaults to calculating the Days on Market using the Listing Date and the earliest date indicating "Off Market". Click here for details on how to configure this setting.

Is anything added to my Workfile in TOTAL?

Yes. All of your data — used and unused — gets added to TOTAL's Digital Workfile as a CSV file. It includes the MLS data you imported, and all of the relevant specifics — including outliers, condos, latitude/longitude, what column it attributed to in the 1004MC grid, etc.

Can you combine more than one MLS into a report, or is it just one report for each MLS?

This feature is not currently planned for Titan Analytics. The process of combining CSV files which contain different field names and formatting — and potentially contain overlapping data — presents inherent complications. If you need data from two different MLS boards, consider merging them together in Excel. Once you have manually removed any duplicate data in Excel, simply import the combined file into Titan Analytics.

Can Titan Analytics assist me with adjustments using multi‑variable regression?

We recognize the demand for a tool like this, but currently Titan Analytics is focused strictly on filling out the 1004MC. There are a few reasons for this. Primary, of course, is that the 1004MC is relevant to all appraisers. It's something that everyone needs in their arsenal, and we wanted to zero in on making it excellent. Additionally, using multi‑variable regression analysis to derive adjustments requires a significant amount of data — and it raises an accountability issue for you in the event that you're asked to explain the math behind the adjustments.

Can Titan Analytics remove outliers within my data export?

Yes. If your data export contains one or more properties you don't want to include in your 1004MC calculations, Titan Analytics allows you to mark them as outliers during the import process.

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