Linking to Other Websites

While you can always link to another website from the content of any page in your site, you may want a button in your site's navigation menus that simply links to another webpage. Consider linking to your company blog, for example, from pages like Blogger or WordPress. To create a button that links to another website:

  1. From the My Content step of the XSites Wizard, click the Custom tab.
  2. Click the Link to External Page button to the bottom right of the tabs.
  3. Name the page/button.
  4. Type the URL (web address) for the website with which you want to link.
    You can copy the URL from the Address bar of your web browser with the page open by highlighting the entire entry after the http:// portion of the URL, and then selecting Edit on the menu bar and choosing Copy. Once you have copied the URL, right-click in the URL field of the Content Editor window and select Paste from the menu that appears.
  5. Choose from the available options described below to determine how this website will open the external website. You have several options to choose from when linking to external web pages from your XSite. These include the following:
  6. Tweak your search engine settings for the page.
  7. Click Save and Close when finished to save the page. Then, be sure to check the page and click Save in the My Content step to active the button on your website.