My Content

Your XSite allows you to include as much information on your website as you desire. We've included a number of pre-written pages to get you started, as well as mortgage calculators and professionally developed videos to keep your visitors interested. But beyond that, you can create as many Custom pages as you feel are appropriate to your site. Just use the tools provided in the My Content step of the XSites Wizard to fill your site with industry relevant content for your prospects to read.

This step of the wizard is divided into 5 sections:

over 100 professionally-written pages of content to educate visitors on the ins and outs of buying and selling homes.
17 different mortgage calculators to help your clients understand the financial options available to them.
informative and engaging videos provide your site with a sophisticated edge.
create as many custom pages as you like to provide localized information, link pages or whatever you need.
the heart and soul of your real estate web site, you can create listings pages for any group of properties in your portfolio.
Local Content
over 40 professionally-written pages of content specific to more than 20 major cities across the nation.
See the Content Editor section for more information on editing the content of any of these pages.

From here you can:

Multilingual Content

The provided content pages have been hand-translated into French and Spanish. You can enable these by marking the check box next to the language.

Custom pages you've created naturally aren't translated. However, you can create Spanish and English versions of these pages yourself if you wish.