Creating Campaigns

Once you've organized your contacts and you've plotted out what you want to say, you're ready to start creating your campaigns. Before you actually start building the campaign, you should take some time to review XSellerate's ad library in search of prebuilt messages that convey your intended message. If you don't find email ads that meet your needs, just drop into XSellerate's ad editor and create your own. If you want to use your own print ads for a direct mailer, there's no need to add them into XSellerate. Just print contact labels for your target audience and send your custom print ad as usual. To create a new email or mixed campaign:

  1. Click Create new campaign.

  2. Type a name for your campaign in the box provided.
  3. Then, you can set up your campaign in one of two ways:

Once you activate the campaign, XSellerate automatically delivers any email based ads and sends you mailing reminders — with links to your selected print ads — when it's time for your print ads to go out.