Select Recipients

The first step in the campaign wizard helps you select the contacts that are to receive this campaign.

  1. On the left side is the list of available contacts, broken up by Contact, Groups or Type of Contact.  Click a header to view contacts of that type.
    Only those contacts with an e‑mail address entered appear in the list.

  2. Select all of the contacts, types, and groups you wish to include in your campaign.
  3. Click Next when you're ready to move on.
E‑mail marketing can be very effective as long as you avoid "spamming" techniques.  When done right, e‑mail marketing is often welcomed by customers.  To ensure that your XSellerate e‑mail messages receive the broadest possible slice of your target audience, we limit the number of e‑mail messages that you can send each day to 1,000 e‑mails per day.  Messages in excess of this 1,000 per day limit are queued and sent the following day.  This ensures that you're not ever inadvertently flagged as a potential spammer due to the bulk of e‑mail you deliver from day to day.