Your Client's Perspective

As you continue to set up your Appraiser XSite, it can often help you to decide which features you want to use by seeing how those features affect your clients.  If you want to view a client's perspective of your XSite, you have two options:

  1. Log in to your XSite's ordering tools or client login with the username of "client_" followed by your XSite username and using the same password as you usually use to log in to your XSite admin.  For example, if your username was "" and your password was "password," you'd log in to your order form with the username of and the password of "password."
  2. Take a bird's eye view of your XSite's client side tools by reading through this section of the user's guide.

For best results, you should probably do a little of both to familiarize yourself with your clients' experience with your XSite.