Text Notes

The Text section of the Notes PowerView allows you to use your device's keyboard to collect additional data about a property that may not have a specific field on the form, or to enter general side notes to yourself. To use TOTAL for Mobile's Text Notes:

  1. From the Notes PowerView, tap Text at the bottom if it's not already selected.

    You can also quickly enter a text note from any section of TOTAL for Mobile without leaving that screen by pressing the Take Notes icon (  ) from the menu on the left. Click here for step‑by‑step instructions. 

    Any notes taken using the Take Notes feature appear in the Text Notes section of the Notes PowerView
  2. Tap the screen to place your cursor. When you do, your device's keyboard appears for you to enter your text notes.

  3. When you're finished, press the Save icon (  ) in the menu on the left.

That's it! After synchronizing your report to TOTAL, the field notes are accessible through your report's Workfile. Click here for more information about WinTOTAL's Workfile, or click here for more information on TOTAL's Spectrum Workfile.