Workfile PowerView

Workfile PowerView


One of the most useful tools in WinTOTAL, the digital workfile not only helps you retain all of the supporting documentation used to create the report in an easy-to-find electronic format, but it also allows you to comply with USPAP guidelines for storage of your appraisals. On top of that, archiving your reports electronically can save you money and free up space in your office for actual work!

The documents that make up your workfile are the same as those that once took up space in your paper files: MLS sheets, plat maps, title info, site sketches, field notes. These documents can be other electronic files, like MS Word or Excel documents, extra electronic photos, or even PDF “printouts” of web search results. But your workfile can also contain digitized copies of your paper documents – easily converted using a scanner or our innovative DirectFax service.

You can add and view workfile attachments directly in the Appraisal Desktop or through the Workfile PowerView in WinTOTAL.  See the Workfile View section in the Appraisal Desktop chapter of this user guide for more details. 

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