User Management

TOTAL customizes your settings, signatures, and QuickLists so that your TOTAL environment is unique to each user you've set up in TOTAL. To access TOTAL's user manager so that you can create user accounts, change your TOTAL account password, or update your profile/signature:

  1. In TOTAL, click Tools, Configure Settings.
  2. Click the User Management tab on the left.

  3. Click the user you want to make changes to and then click Edit. For more information on editing your TOTAL users, click here.
  4. If you want to allow the user to log in automatically when TOTAL starts, check Sign me in automatically.
  5. If you want TOTAL to remember an account password so that it doesn't need to be re-typed each time TOTAL starts, check Remember my password.
  6. When you're finished adjusting your user accounts, click Apply or Save & Close to save your changes.