Sign Reports Securely

Signing your report Securely with eSign is the best way to prove that the data on the report is your original data - and it gives anyone reading the report a simple way to verify that fact.  This is a powerful new feature in TOTAL.

To sign your report securely with eSign:

  1. In a report in TOTAL, click the drop-down arrow beside the Sign button and choose Securely with eSign from the drop-down menu.

  2. Type your a la mode Username and Password into the provided boxes and click OK.
  3. If you have NOT verified your identity and set up your eSign signature, TOTAL automatically prompts you to set it up.

    To verify your identity and set up your signature:

  4. In the signature screen that appears, indicate whether you want to sign as an Appraiser or Supervisor and then choose the signature/license you would like to sign with from the Signature Options panel on the left.
  5. If necessary, choose a Signature and Seal color from the respective drop-down menus in the Signature Options panel.
  6. In the Mark Pages for Signing panel on the right, check the box beside each page you want to sign with eSign.  Then, check the box in the TOC column beside each page you want TOTAL to include in your report's final table of contents.

    Keep in mind, any pages not marked for printing won't be delivered to your client.
  7. In the Perform These Actions When Signing a Report panel at the bottom, check the Insert Signed Date box and specify the date you want to stamp onto your report as the signed date, then check the box to Export report properties to the database, based on your preferences.
  8. Next, check your preferred eSign options on the right of the Perform These Actions When Signing a Report panel.
  9. Click Sign and then Agree when finished to sign your report with eSign.  When the signing process is complete, click OK.

Click here for instructions on validating a TOTAL report signed with a secure signature.

Signature History

Every time you sign a report, an event is recorded in the signature history, and all of the events in the signature history are automatically displayed in the Signature History pane on the left after signing the report.

Signature History

When a report is signed Securely with eSign, two events are stored: the Signed event, and the Print event.  These events provide you a couple options:

  1. Double-click a Print event to view a PDF of the report as it was when it was signed.
  2. Double-click a Signed event with the magnifying glass next to it to view the salient data that was stored on our servers.  This will display the same page that any reader would see when validating the signature of the report.

Note that a Signed event with no magnifying glass indicates that this was a graphical signature only.  Double-clicking on these events does nothing.

Remove Your Signature

To remove your signature from a signed report:

  1. In a report in TOTAL, click the drop-down arrow beside the Sign button in the top toolbar.
  2. From the menu, choose Remove Appraiser Signature, Remove Supervisor Signature, OR Remove Both Signatures to remove the respective signature(s) from your report and click Yes to confirm that you want to remove the signature(s).
  3. Note that any time a signature is removed, the removal event is recorded in your signature history.