Convert Competitor Files

Competitor conversion plugin
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TOTAL allows you to open files created in many of our competitors formfilling software. This process assists you with moving data into TOTAL in order to save the time it would take to re-type everything. Keep in mind that due to differences between our data formats and your previous software, you'll need to review and occasionally edit some of your converted appraisals before you deliver them.

Currently, TOTAL can convert files and/or data created in the following software:

Competitor Software Appraisal Reports Comparables Database Text Databases (Canned Comments) Photos Database

Bradford ‑ ClickFORMS

SFREP ‑ Appraise‑IT
Wilson ‑ RealEasy Appraisals
Day One
United System ‑ Appraisal Studios

Because ACI began encrypting their reports beginning with Version 8.5.2 (circa 2002-2003) any report created with this version or higher cannot be converted. Additionally, any photos contained in ACI Canister files cannot be converted by TOTAL. However, TOTAL does have the ability to convert ACI's Comparables Database, Photos Database, and can import data from UAD XML files.

Similarly, changes to the format of Bradford ClickFORMS (.clk) files has caused our conversion utility to no longer be able to convert those files. Just like with ACI, you can still import data from UAD XML files.

In these cases, you can import a single file using the Open UAD XML option in TOTAL's File menu, or follow the instructions below to batch import multiple XML files simultaneously. Simply choose your previous software as the Source software, check the option to convert UAD and MISMO XML Report Files, and point the competitor conversion tool to the location of your XML reports in step 4. Keep in mind that the XML file only contains the raw data from the report, so any images from the original report won't be converted.

To open files created with different formfilling software:

  1. In TOTAL's File Manager, click Tools, Convert Competitor Files.
  2. Now you'll see the Convert Competitor Files dialog. Here, you can Choose your previous software package from the drop‑down list.

  3. After you choose your previous software, note which of the checkboxes are not "grayed out." this indicates which data is available to be converted. if a checkbox is gray, it indicates that data is in a format that cannot currently be converted. Place a check next to the available options you want to convert, then click Next.
  4. In the next step, you'll click the Browse button to select the folder on your PC that contains the reports you want to convert.
    Click here for a list of the default competitor file and database locations.

  5. Next you're presented with two columns. On the left is a list of reports available for conversion. The right column is the list of reports you've selected for conversion. To move reports from one column to the other, click on the report in the list and use the arrow buttons located between the columns. You can select multiple reports from either column by pressing CTRL + clicking on any of the reports. Or, if you want to convert all the reports in the left column, simply click (  ) to move all the reports to the right column.

    Convert Competitor

    Once you have moved all the reports you want to convert into the column on the right, click Next.

  6. The conversion process begins and displays the progress of each file's conversion, as well as overall progress. When the process is complete, click Finish.

That's it! You're returned to the File Manager PowerView, where you can see the converted reports in the destination folder that you selected in step 4.

Additional resources:

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If you're converting from Bradford, click here for an index of other support topics. Or, click here to read our FAQ that answers some of the most commonly asked questions.