TOTAL for Mobile FAQ

This document answers some common questions about TOTAL for Mobile, including mobile device requirements.

Document 8003  |  Last updated:  06/19/2023 MJY

What devices can I use with TOTAL for Mobile?

There's an app for iPad® and iPhone® (iOS 10.0 or higher), and Android™ phones and tablets (version 10.0 or higher). For the best experience we recommend using devices with iOS 16, and Android version 10.0 or higher. To use ScanToSketch, a minimum of iOS 16 is required.

If you're using an Android device, we suggest that your phone or tablet meet, or exceed, the following recommended requirements for the best experience:

  • 2GB RAM
  • 16GB storage
  • GPS (required for driving directions)
  • Rear facing camera, with Flash (required for taking images)

Keep in mind that any device running Windows — such as a Surface Pro or any traditional laptop or desktop PC — only supports the desktop version of TOTAL. Additionally, TOTAL for Mobile is incompatible with Chrome OS.

Which forms are supported?

We're always adding new forms to TOTAL for Mobile based on your feedback. To see which forms are currently available:

  1. Open TOTAL for Mobile.
  2. Tap the + icon in the upper‑right corner to start a new report.
  3. At the bottom, under Create Report Using, select Form.
  4. Tap the drop‑down menu to view all available forms.

Is it really free?  Where do I get it?

It's free for anyone with a current a la mode support contract. You can find our apps by searching "TOTAL" in the Apple® App Store℠ or Google Play™ store. Or, just tap (or click) on the button below that corresponds to your device to be taken directly to the store page:

How will it save me time?

TOTAL for Mobile cuts an entire step out of your workflow process. You never have to manually type your inspection data into the form or redraw your sketch on the desktop. You get all the formfilling and sketching done in the field so you can focus on valuation. Appraisers have said it saves up to an hour on reports.

What all can I do with the app? Is it really paperless?

We know you've heard it before, "the end of the clipboard!"  But most devices never lived up to the hype. The old tablet PCs were expensive, too big and clunky, and had poor battery life. The old Pocket PCs were too small and not versatile enough for many people. The multitouch screen changed everything.

Whether you choose a smartphone, iPad, or Android tablet you'll find things have changed. These devices are lightweight, have excellent battery life, and can do everything your clipboard can plus so much more. Using TOTAL for Mobile, you can fill in all of your inspection data, draw your entire sketch, take photos, add comparables, pull up maps and directions, add voice notes, and more. You'll never need a scrap of paper again.

Do I need a mobile internet connection in the field?

No. Once you've downloaded the app on your phone or tablet you can use it to collect data and draw your sketches anywhere, even without a data or Internet connection. You will need a wireless Internet connection (like Wi‑Fi or 3G/4G) to sync your data back and forth with your desktop at the office and perform tasks such as geocoding properties, or using the Maps & Directions feature.

Do the Speech‑to‑Text features require an internet connection?

Yes. An internet connection is required for the text transcription process to work.

Are the devices weatherproof or fragile?

Like any electronic device, you'll want to be careful with your smartphone or tablet. However, they're tougher than you might think, and with a proper case you'll be protected from most bumps, drops, and even rain. There are a number of fantastic cases out there to keep your mobile device safe, such as those from OtterBox and LifeProof. They make tough, protective cases for a variety of mobile devices. You can also buy a stylus that works with your device so you can continue using it even when you have gloves on in the winter.

Will TOTAL for Mobile work with other forms software (e.g. ACI, Bradford, etc.)?

Despite the fact we've offered free integration with our TOTAL for Mobile apps to other software vendors, none have made the effort to make it happen. You can download any of our free TOTAL for Mobile apps and use the time‑saving features in the field. Then, you can export your data to copy it into your forms software. TOTAL for Mobile works seamlessly with both WinTOTAL Aurora and TOTAL — all the data flows right into your forms, saving you the most time. Call 1‑800‑ALAMODE to learn more.

How much storage space will I need to use this app?

On average, most TOTAL for Mobile reports are about 10 Megabytes (MB). To give some perspective, even if you had 20 reports at that size on a 16GB device, you'd still be using less than 1% of its space. Of course, the size of your files is largely determined by the number of photos and voice notes in your reports.

Can I send measurements from my DISTO to TOTAL for Mobile?

TOTAL for Mobile allows for DISTO integration, so long as the device and DISTO are each Bluetooth‑enabled.

DISTO integration allows you to use a laser measuring tool to gather your measurements for the sketch and shoot them straight to your device wirelessly. There's no measuring tape, gallivanting through muddy flower beds, or getting scratched up by trees and bushes. You just "shoot" walls with a laser-accurate DISTO and the measurements automatically transfer to your sketch.

If you wish to use a DISTO with your iPad or iPhone, you must use the DISTO e7500i or the D810. Additionally, you must use the iPhone 4s or greater or the 3rd gen iPad or greater (including the iPad Mini).

Can I use my QuickLists?

Yes. You can import your QuickLists directly from TOTAL (or WinTOTAL), or create new QuickLists within the app itself. QuickLists make data gathering in the field significantly faster.

Is the data UAD compliant?

Yes, simply choose the forms marked [UAD] when creating a new report. The GSE-required specific data and ratings for fields like View, Condition, and Quality are then just a tap away. Dates and addresses are automatically placed in the correct format. And fields with special formatting like View and Bathroom Count are converted when you sync the report. No retyping or reformatting required.

How do I sync with TOTAL?

To sync your form data and sketches between your TOTAL for Mobile app and desktop, you must first establish a cloud connection. Click here for a helpful step‑by‑step guide on syncing TOTAL for Mobile with TOTAL.

Should I start my reports on the desktop or my device?

It all depends on your workflow. While you can start your reports on either your mobile device or your desktop computer, if you deliver your reports with TOTAL Connect Pro plugin (e.g. Mercury Network, AppraisalPort, or Metro‑West) you'll want to export your orders from TOTAL Connect to TOTAL (or WinTOTAL) like you normally do, merge any templates you want to use, and then upload the file to the cloud for synchronization with the mobile device.

Is there a User's Guide for the app?

Yes!  Click here to access the TOTAL for Mobile User's Guide.

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