TOTAL for Mobile Sync

TOTAL for Mobile's synchronization process keeps both your files and your QuickLists in sync between TOTAL for Mobile and WinTOTAL or TOTAL.  Synchronization is not based on being connected to your computer or even being near your desktop computer at the time of the sync.  Instead, TOTAL for Mobile's sync process is cloud based — allowing you to conveniently synchronize files while you're in the field and then download them to your desktop when you return to the office.  Or, you can even have an assistant download the file for you while you proceed to your next inspection.

If you use ACI, Bradford, Day One, AppraiseIT, United or another formfiller instead of WinTOTAL or TOTAL, TOTAL for Mobile e-mails files in our open XAP format so that the file can be imported into another program.  Contact your forms vendor for information about the availability of an XAP importer for your formfilling software.