Working with Mercury Network orders

This document contains answers to common questions regarding Mercury Network orders.

Document 6206  |  Last updated:  02/14/2018 MJY

My order information was updated on Mercury Network. Why don't I see these changes in my a la mode software?

Mercury Network orders have a one‑time sync with a la mode products. As a result, any changes made to the order information after the initial sync will not propagate to your a la mode products — you need to manually enter any new information.

How do I update the status with my clients?

To update the status of your order with your clients, log in to, double‑click your order, and click Set Status.

If you've linked your Mercury Network account with TOTAL Connect, simply open TOTAL Connect, select the order, and click Update Client to be taken directly to the order details for that order on Mercury Network. From there, click Set Status and select the status update like you normally would.

Click here to jump to the section on linking your Mercury Network account with TOTAL Connect via the Login Manager.

Why aren't my new orders showing up?

Make sure you've acknowledged the order. All new orders must be acknowledged through Mercury Network ( before they'll show up in TOTAL Connect.

Click here for more help with the orders displayed in TOTAL Connect.

How do I acknowledge a new order?

Simply log in to Mercury Network and acknowledge the order as you normally would.

For example, with Mercury Network, log in to, double click on the order that is awaiting acceptance, and choose Accept/Decline Assignment.

After I've accepted an order, which folder does the new assignment appear in inside TOTAL Connect?

After you accept an order, TOTAL Connect synchronizes and displays any new assignments in the In Progress folder. Then, when you update the internal status for an assignment, that assignment is moved to the folder that corresponds to the new internal status you selected.

How do I view order attachments?

To view order attachments, simply log in to Mercury Network ( and view the documents there.

For example, in Mercury Network, you would view the details for your order and access the attachments in the order documents pane on the right.

How do I link TOTAL Connect with my Mercury Network account?

To link TOTAL Connect with your Mercury Network account, open TOTAL Connect, click Tools and select Login Manager. Then, choose Mercury Network from the drop‑down menu, enter your Mercury Network username and password, and click OK.

I don't see my client listed. How do I link TOTAL Connect with my client's portal?

Currently, Mercury Network is the only vendor that is able to be linked with TOTAL Connect. However, this new technology makes it possible for us to open the platform to integration with other client portals in the future (in addition to Mercury Network). When we get other vendors on board you won't have to keep up with so many places to deliver, passwords, and logins.

How do I manage another user's orders or orders from another account?

To manage XSite orders from a different account, you'll have to know that account's a la mode username and password. Then, just log out of TOTAL Connect (File > Sign out), and log in with that account.

To manage client orders from an account linked with TOTAL Connect (such as Mercury Network), clear the credentials (Tools > Login manager — click Clear Credentials), enter the new credentials for that account, and click Verify and Save.

I'm not seeing all of my orders. What orders will appear in TOTAL Connect?

Any orders that you have acknowledged through a supported vendor will appear in TOTAL Connect. That includes XSites orders, Mercury Network orders (after you've linked TOTAL Connect with Mercury Network), and in the future, any other integrated partners.

Click here for more help with the orders displayed in TOTAL Connect.

I don't have a support contract. How do I get my orders into my Appraisal Desktop?

There are two ways to get your orders into your Appraisal Desktop.

Option 1:
The first option is to manage and export your orders using TOTAL Connect's order management tools. Click here for step‑by‑step instructions on exporting orders from TOTAL Connect.
Option 2:
The second option is to purchase or renew your support contract. Click here for a breakdown of the membership levels and more information about what is included with a support contract.

Are my a la mode login and my Mercury Network login the same?

No. If you reset your a la mode username and/or password, your Mercury Network password won't change. If you're not sure what to do, or if you need help locating your Mercury Network username, click here to contact Mercury Network's client relations team.

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