Wrong orders displayed in TOTAL Connect

This document explains what to do if the wrong list of orders is displayed in TOTAL Connect.

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The list of orders displayed in TOTAL Connect is based on the username and password you use to log in. By default, the admin login has access to all orders for an account.

If you are logged in as a sub‑account and an order is assigned to another user, you won't see that order unless you log in with the username and password for that user profile.

Alternatively, you can change the Assigned Permissions within Users and Accounts in Titan Office to give a sub‑account access to view and deliver orders as needed.

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Assign Permissions  |  Switch users in TOTAL Connect

Assign Permissions in Users and Accounts

  1. First log in to titanappraisal.com.
  2. Hover your cursor over the User Settings menu on the right, and click Users and Accounts.

  3. Select a user account in the All Users pane on the left.

  4. In the Assigned Permissions section, check the box beside a permission to grant access, or remove the checkmark to revoke access.

    Accounting and Order Management:
    This allows a sub‑account to view all orders in TOTAL Connect, regardless of assignment. This privilege grants access to office level details about orders, order distribution, accounting, and invoicing. As it's intended for an owner or office manager, you should only assign this privilege to someone who you intend to have access to all the business and financial data for your company.
    Full Order Processing
    This allows a sub‑account to receive appraisal orders directly through your XSite's order form. Users with this permission can then deliver their orders from TOTAL Connect. The sub‑account's name becomes available for selection by a client on your online order form, and an admin user can assign orders to them.
    Appraisal Order Assignee
    This permission allows those in your office who have Full Order Processing and/or Accounting and Order Management permissions granted to them assign orders to this sub‑account.

Once you've changed the permissions, restart TOTAL Connect. If the wrong orders are still displayed, make sure you're signed in with the correct user. Continue with the instructions below to learn how to switch users.

Switch users in TOTAL Connect

  1. With TOTAL Connect open, click File on the upper left, and select Sign Out.

  2. When you're returned to the TOTAL Connect login screen, enter the E‑mail and Password for the user profile where the order is currently assigned.

    If you can't remember your password, click Forgot? to reset your a la mode password.
  3. Click OK to log in.

This also holds true for orders received through a client's portal (such as Mercury Network). To manage client orders from a client's account linked with TOTAL Connect , clear the previous credentials, and enter the new credentials.

  1. Open TOTAL Connect, click Tools on the upper left, and select Login Manager from the drop‑down menu.

  2. In the screen that appears, click Clear Credentials.

    Login Manager

    If the dropdown doesn't show Mercury Network, click on it and select it from the list.
  3. Once you've cleared the credentials, enter the new E‑mail and Password, and click Verify & Save.

    Login Manager

  4. When you're finished, click Close.

That's it!  As soon as you log in with the new login information, the list of orders is immediately updated and displays any orders currently assigned to that account.

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