WinTOTAL Aurora is not supported on Windows 10

If you'd like to use Windows 10, upgrade to TOTAL.

Document 6030  |  Last updated:  02/04/2019 MJY

In case you missed it, click here for our memo about Windows 10 and its issues with Aurora. Essentially, Windows 10 doesn't support Aurora, so you'll need to switch to TOTAL if you're on Windows 10. Keep reading to learn how!

Click here to see which operating systems still support WinTOTAL Aurora.

  1. Compare TOTAL to WinTOTAL Aurora here.
  2. Download and install TOTAL here — it's free to upgrade.
  3. Once TOTAL is installed, run the Aurora Transition Assistant so that all of your reports and databases from Aurora will show up in TOTAL seamlessly. To start it:
    1. Launch TOTAL.
    2. Click Help.
    3. Click Tech Support Assistant.
    4. Click Additional Tools.
    5. Double-click Aurora Transition Assistant, #19 on the left.

    For more information about the Aurora Transition Assistant, click here.

That's it!  As you get started using TOTAL, you should keep our user's guide handy. Bookmark it here. TOTAL is very intuitive, but this will answer any questions you run into.

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