Titan seats FAQ

This document answers some of the most frequently asked questions we hear about Titan Seats.

Document 3602  |  Last updated:  03/18/2021 SPB

What is a seat?

A seat gives an additional user (someone other than the admin) unique login access to Titan Drive, Titan Reports, or Titan Office on your account. Depending on your office and your specific needs, you may need one or more seats for one or more products. Click here for detailed information about Titan Seats — where you can use our Titan Seat Calculator to determine exactly what you need for your office.

How much does a seat cost?

Titan Drive
Seats cost $99 and give the remote user access to the parent account’s reports. Since remote appraisers have their own support contract, they have access to Titan Reports and don't need a Titan Reports Seat.
Titan Office
Seats cost $99 and give the user permission‑based access to different features based on the admin's settings.
Titan Reports
Seats cost $349 and give the user full access to Titan Reports and the parent account’s reports stored on Titan Drive.

Get a quote for your office using our seat calculator.

If I'm on a server and buy a Titan Reports seat for my employee(s), can I get rid of my server?

Since Titan Reports is not a replacement for TOTAL, we don't recommend getting rid of your server setup. Employees that are on a server have full access to TOTAL at the office, but not at home. A Titan Reports seat provides access to all office reports that are in Watched Folders while an employee is away from the office.

I currently work in an office network on a server. Does that give me access to Titan Reports, or do I have to buy a Titan Seat?

If you have your own account with a current support contract, you don't need a Titan Reports seat to gain access.

If you work for an appraiser that has a TOTAL server license and you'd also like access to Titan Reports, a Titan Reports seat must be purchased under the parent account.

If my admin is starting reports — filling out page 1 of the URAR form, but not doing the full appraisal — do they need a Titan Reports seat, or does a Titan Office seat suffice?

If your admin is going to do anything inside the form, they'll need a Titan Reports seat.

If I have a data entry person, do they need a seat since they aren't an actual appraiser?

If your data entry assistant is working inside the report, they need a Titan Reports seat. This seat also gives them access to all the reports, which makes it easy for them to work from anywhere.

Why can't I share my Titan Drive account like I could with Vault?

With Vault, you paid by the file. If two appraisers were using it, you'd probably buy twice as many files as one appraiser. For Titan Drive, it's unlimited for a single appraiser. Two appraisers are going to use the service possibly twice as much. Fortunately, we don't charge twice as much for two users. Your remote appraiser shares Titan Drive with you for $99 rather than paying a full $349 for the product.

Can anyone with a seat see my reports in Titan Drive?

In the future, there will be functionality to separate personal files from shared files with folders. For now, everyone's reports are accessible in Titan Drive as long as they're in Watched Folders. There is no official release date for this permission‑based feature yet.

How do I assign a seat to my employee(s)?

For information on how to assign a seat to your employee, and more, click here for step‑by‑step instructions in the Titan Reports User's Guide.

Can I set permissions on what my staff sees in Titan Office?

Yes. With Titan Office, permissions are set on a seat basis to determine what level or features you want to grant access to for non‑admin staff. For example, you can purchase a seat for your staff appraiser, and then restrict access to accounting and reporting features. Unless set as an Admin user, each seat only gives a user access to their individual items.

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