PropertyAssist FAQ for Homeowners

This document answers some of homeowner's most frequently asked questions regarding PropertyAssist.

Document 1501  |  Last updated:  10/07/2020 SPB

How do I get started?

The appraiser sends you the URL for you to open on your camera‑enabled mobile device (such as a smartphone or tablet). When the page loads, select the number of rooms for each room type and press Next. Then, collect photos and data for each room. Click here for step‑by‑step instructions.

Can I use existing images from my photo gallery or camera roll that I've taken?

No. PropertyAssist asks you to answer a few questions about the number of rooms, and then walks you through the process of taking photos for each room type using your mobile device's camera to provide all of the necessary information to the appraiser.

How many photos should I take?

In most cases you should take a few pictures for each room type (bedroom, bathroom, living room). This makes it easier on you and the appraiser. If you have special features in your home, you can take more. The technical limit is 99 per room.

What is the minimum number of photos I should take?

This depends on each room type. The minimum number of photos required is listed next to each room type when you're adding photos in Step 2 of PropertyAssist.

What happens if I get an error?

Tapping your browser's refresh button or reloading the web page and trying again clears most errors while leaving the images that you've added intact on the page. If errors persist, please call 866‑714‑5140 to speak to one of our customer support representatives. Our support hours are 9AM ‑ 6PM CT, Monday through Friday.

Can I submit my photos multiple times?

If the appraiser asks for additional photos, you can submit again using the same link.

Why do I have to give ownership to a la mode for the pictures of my house?

This is so the appraiser can use the photos and information gathered in their report.

How do I get help using PropertyAssist?

Call our toll free support number 866‑714‑5140. Our support hours are 9AM ‑ 6PM CT, Monday through Friday.

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