XSites Wizard

The XSites Wizard is where you actually create your company's website. We've designed our interface so that you don't need to know complex HTML programming to create a top notch website that not only looks good, but also "does something" like generate leads and improve your customer service.

Don't let the easy interface fool you though. There's serious technology behind your XSite — that's what makes it possible to change your entire look with just a couple of clicks or enable online ordering by just checking a box. To get started with our easy wizard, click the XSite button at the top of the screen.

As you move through the XSite Wizard, your changes are made "live" whenever you click Save or when you simply go to another step. This requires a little forethought before going and changing things, but it certainly spares you the hassle of making sure you uploaded all the images for a page.

To see the effects of your changes at any time, simply click the My XSite button from the menu at the top and a new window opens to show you your website.