Creating a Staff Directory

To build a staff directory you can publish on your site:

  1. Create user accounts for each staff member in your site's User Manager. Remember to check the Show this User Info on My Staff Profiles Content Page and Display This User's Address Information with Their Profile boxes as you fill out the user account.
  2. Visit the My Content step of the XSites Wizard and click the Staff Profiles page in the Provided tab to edit it.
  3. In the window that appears, type a name for your staff directory. By default, it's named "Staff Profiles," but you can title it however you wish.
  4. Scroll down to the list of the users you chose to include in your staff directory and use the up (  ) and down (  ) arrows to control the order of the staff profiles in your directory. To hide any of the profiles from the directory, just uncheck the box beside it.

  5. In the main content area of the page editor, type a company profile that will appear by default when someone accesses your staff directory.
  6. When you're done arranging your staff directory, click Save to apply your changes and be sure to check the box for your staff directory page so that it appears on your website.