Clone Areas

Cloning an area in TOTAL Sketch is as simple as copying and pasting the area into your sketch. To clone an area in TOTAL Sketch:

  1. In a sketch, click the Modify button in the main toolbar.

  2. Now, select the item(s) you wish to move. To select the entire area, click an area off to the upper left of the region and drag your cursor (while holding down the pen) to form a blue selection rectangle that includes all of the items you wish to select. When you lift the pen TOTAL Sketch selects all items contained within the blue selection region you created.
  3. Click the Copy (  ) icon in the main toolbar to copy the area. Then, click Paste (  ) in the main toolbar to paste it back into your sketch.
  4. Move the area to the desired location.
  5. Double-clickthe area label or use the Properties panel to edit the area definition and adjust it accordingly.