Pen‑Based Sketching

If you're using a tablet with a full operating system, but don't want to hassle with a detachable or on‑screen keyboard for sketching, you can opt to draw using a stylus. This section shows you how to navigate your TOTAL Sketch program while in Pen Mode.

If you're running TOTAL Sketch on a tablet version of Windows, you have the ability to sketch using digital ink, or using a stylus in Pen Mode ‑ literally drawing the sketch as if on a clipboard. If you're running TOTAL Sketch inside of WinTOTAL, TOTAL, or another formfilling software, you simply use the mouse and keyboard to sketch instead.

To set up your device for TOTAL Sketch a stylus, or Pen Mode:

  1. In a file, open the Sketch tab, or open TOTAL Sketch from your desktop.
  2. With your sketch program open, click the gear icon for your global Preferences, located in the top right corner.

  3. In the Preferences window, under the General tab, select Pen Mode, then click OK.

  4. From the toolbar, select the drawing mode that's appropriate for your situation. Modes include:
  5. Then, draw or modify your sketch as necessary and remember to save your sketch before closing your file.