Adjust Angles

To adjust an angle in your sketch:

  1. While you're in a sketch in TOTAL Sketch, click the modify icon (  ) to enter Modify Mode.
  2. Click the line for which you want to adjust the angle.

  3. Just like when drawing angles, there are two methods to adjust angles:
    Rise and Run
    If you know the specific measurements of the rise and/or run of the line, type the amount by which you need to increase the line and press the appropriate arrow key on your keyboard to increase the rise or run of the line by the specified amount.
    Length and Angle
    Type the number for the entire length of the line, press L or R (depending on the direction in which the line angles), and type the degree of the angle.

  4. Click a different area on the sketch canvas, or press Enter to anchor the end point of your line and apply your changes.