Cut out areas

Frequently, it's handy to be able to cut out an area of your sketch after you've already drawn all the area lines, and is particularly useful for drawing an attached garage. Here's how it works:

  1. Let's say you want to add a 20' × 20' garage on the lower left side of the sketch below.

  2. Since you've already drawn the area lines, sketch the garage starting on the area line where the garage door is located. Use Place Cursor Mode to place your cursor on the area line where you intend to start drawing.

  3. Draw area lines corresponding to the dimensions of the garage. When you close the area (this happens automatically when the area line you're drawing meets the existing area line, effectively "closing" the area), notice that TOTAL for Mobile attempts to detect the type of area you just sketched. If it detected the wrong area type, simply change it.

  4. Now that the area you drew has been cut out of the existing area, it is now autonomous from the original area. You can even move the new area independently from the rest of the sketch.