Move sketch elements

After you've drawn an area, you can move it anywhere on the canvas using the instructions below:

  1. In a sketch, tap the Modify icon (  ) to enter Modify Mode. If you're using an iPhone or a similar device with a smaller screen, press the mode icon on your sketch keyboard and select Modify.
  2. Tap the element you want to move to select it. When selected, the area is highlighted in yellow.

  3. Now, tap and drag the element you wish to move. The color of the area changes to orange while being moved and depending on your device settings, the device may vibrate.

  4. While holding your finger down on the area, drag it to the new location on the sketch canvas.
  5. Now, release the area, and the color reverts to yellow. Tap a blank area of the sketch canvas to apply your changes.

That's it! The area is now anchored at the new location on the canvas.