First Time Setup

Follow the instructions below to complete the first time setup in ScheduleAssist. Once you complete the first time setup, you can edit or update this information at any time in the ScheduleAssist Settings.

Want to learn more about ScheduleAssist? Click here for an overview. Or, check out our FAQ for answers to some of the most common questions we hear about ScheduleAssist.
  1. With a report open, go to the Assignment PowerView and click ScheduleAssist in the toolbar. You can also access ScheduleAssist via the Data menu.

    When ScheduleAssist appears, review the information on the first screen, and click Get Started.

  2. Enter your mobile number, name, company name, and the address you want to use as your starting point when determining the best route and driving times. This information is used within ScheduleAssist only and can be different than your user and office information in TOTAL. When you're finished, click Next.

    The name and company name entered here are used in messages to your contact, and the mobile number you enter is where automated notifications from ScheduleAssist are sent.

    The address information you enter is only used to calculate best routes and driving times, and isn't provided to the contact.

  3. Choose the time needed, travel time, and maximum number of appointments to optimize each week:
    Time needed for inspection and driving comps
    This is the default full block of time that will be used for each appointment.
    Max travel time from one inspection to the next
    ScheduleAssist will not schedule appointments adjacent to each other if the travel time exceeds this amount.
    Max appointments per week for automatic scheduling
    Even if you have openings, ScheduleAssist will not book more than a defined amount per week.

  4. Choose your Standard Appointment Hours:

    1. Select the Start time and End time for each day.
    2. Toggle the switch to the right of a day to off (  ) to completely disable a specific day of the week.
    3. Select your time zone from the drop‑down menu.
    4. When you're finished, click Next.
  5. Authorize calendar access:
  6. Choose which calendar you want to use and click Next.

    The calendar you choose here is the only one ScheduleAssist interacts with. Other than creating, editing, and canceling inspection appointments, ScheduleAssist only views the dates and times you have blocked off your calendar as "busy". ScheduleAssist doesn't record, store, or use any other information.
  7. The last step of the wizard confirms that the first time setup is complete. Click Schedule Appointment to schedule an appointment, or close this window to return to your report.