Schedule an appointment

Follow the instructions below to schedule an appointment using ScheduleAssist:

  1. With a report open, go to the Assignment PowerView and click ScheduleAssist in the toolbar. You can also access ScheduleAssist via the Data menu.

  2. When the New Appointment wizard appears, any available information from your report is automatically populated. Information that is not available is left blank. Review and edit the details as necessary:

  3. Choose your scheduling options:

    Choose your scheduling options

  4. Click Preview Notification. Then, enter your contact's information and choose your message template:

    Enter contact information and choose a template

    1. Select the contact from the drop‑down menu (   ), or manually enter a contact name.
    2. Enter a mobile number for the contact.
    3. Click the Default Templates tab to edit existing, pre‑made templates, or click the Account Templates tab to edit a custom template you've created. Then, select the message template you want to edit from the list.
    4. Edit the message as needed in the text area on the right.
      Changes made to the message template only apply to the current outgoing text. Go to Text Templates to create and customize your templates for future use.
    5. Place your cursor in the message text ( D ) where you would like to insert data from your report. Then click the Insert Field drop‑down menu to choose the field you want to insert.
      If you're inserting a field that is empty in your report, it's displayed in red in the message text ( D ) to indicate that the data doesn't exist in your report.
    6. Click Copy Text to copy the message text from the text area ( D ) to your clipboard so that you can paste it in an email or another location.
    7. Choose Save & Send Text to add the appointment to your calendar and send the message to the contact, or click Save to add it to your calendar without sending the message.
      If for some reason your message cannot be delivered, ScheduleAssist displays an alert to notify you. When this occurs, the appointement is added to your calendar, but you'll need to notify your contact via email or a phonecall.